The Honeywell brands Bendix® and JURID® stand for competency in every aspect of brakes for more than 90 years.


A wide range of brake pads and linings are manufactured and sold under the Honeywell umbrella for the leading brands in the automotive industry and the automotive aftermarket. The Bendix® and JURID® brands have long been established in the automotive industry and automotive aftermarket.

The Honeywell brands Bendix® and JURID®

The Honeywell brands Bendix® and JURID® represent hydraulic brake parts for passenger cars and friction materials for passenger cars and commercial vehicles. To go with their leading position in OEM, these brands enjoy a strong position in the aftermarket. Every third new car in Europe uses Honeywell brake pads and linings, a fact which is supported by more than 150 OE homologations from leading manufacturers such as BMW, Mercedes, PSA, Volvo and VW as well as Porsche, Jaguar, Bentley and Rolls Royce.


The JURID® brand product range covers brake pads and linings for passenger cars and commercial vehicles, as well as brake drums for passenger cars. Also available are brake discs for all sectors including commercial vehicles, flexible couplings and the appropriate accessories.


The Bendix® product range covers numerous hydraulic braking components. From master cylinders and wheel brake cylinders, to clutch hydraulics, brake hoses, brake cables, brake fluid and remanufactured brake calipers, Bendix® always delivers top-quality products.


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